Nordic Cool 2013: Exhibition: Nobel Prize

Feb. 20 - Mar. 17, 2013
Grand Foyer
Running Time: All Day
Tickets On Sale:

The Swedish scientist and entrepreneur Alfred Nobel amassed great wealth and fame as the inventor of dynamite, but his true legacy was using his fortune to create the Nobel Foundation, which awards Nobel Prizes every year to those who, through creativity, innovation, and courage, most benefit mankind. Learn more about the Nobel Prize, its founder, the Laureates, and their endeavors. Some of the world's most important ideas and discoveries have been recognized by the Nobel Prizes. Find out how Nobel's vision has helped shape the world we live in by rewarding and inspiring those who are changing our lives for the better. This exhibition will highlight laureates from all prize fields: Physics, Chemistry, Literature, Economic Sciences, Physiology, and of course, the Nobel Peace Prize.

Part of Nordic Cool 2013.

FREE event, no tickets required

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