Nordic Cool 2013: Exhibition: SUP-PLYWOOD or How to Be Singular in the Plural (Norway)

Feb. 20 - Mar. 17, 2013
Hall of Nations
Running Time: All Day
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Plywood is one of the oldest mass produced products in the world. Immanuel Nobel, a Swedish architect, engineer, inventor, and the father of Alfred Nobel, reinvented the Egyptian lathe for rotating cutting of thin wood veneers. Plywood has since become one of the most used products in Nordic design, from moulded to tensioned, from furniture to houses. Plywood experimentation from the 1920s and onwards, built a base for further development of low cost plywood products intended for a larger public.

It is a material most representative of the development of social democracy in the Nordic region. This installation, created by famed Norwegian architecture firm Snøhetta, will feature large-scale plywood sculptures in the Kennedy Center Hall of Nations. This installation is created specifically for Nordic Cool 2013. Snøhetta integrates the disciplines of interior, landscape, and architectural design. Working internationally for 15 years, some of their acclaimed projects include the Oslo Opera House; the National September 11 Memorial Museum Pavillion, New York; and the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, in Alexandria, Egypt.

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