Nordic Cool 2013: Exhibition: Migration (Faroe Islands)

Feb. 20 - Mar. 17, 2013
Grand Foyer
Running Time: All Day
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The Faroe Islands comprise 18 islands separated by narrow sounds or fjords, located in the North Atlantic Ocean. The total coastline is about 800 miles and at no time is one more than three miles from the ocean. Animal life is characterized by the ever present sheep that outnumber the population, and the rich and varied bird life, especially seabirds, that attracts bird enthusiasts and ornithologists from all around the world. Faroese painter and sculptor Tróndur Patursson has spent his entire life in the closest possible contact with nature. He has participated in a number of extraordinary expeditions across the globe's vast oceans. This installation, titled Migration, features approximately 90 of Tróndur Patursson's trademark stained glass birds in the Kennedy Center's Grand Foyer throughout the month-long festival. This installation was created specifically for Nordic Cool 2013.

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