Nordic Cool 2013: Literature Panel: Nordic Crime: Ice, Volvos, and Murder

Sun., Mar. 3, 2013
Terrace Gallery
Running Time: Not Available
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For the duration of Nordic Cool 2013, the Terrace Gallery will become the Cool Club, an extension of the Nordic Design Illustrated exhibition. The Cool Club will feature the iconic Arne Jacobsen Series 7 chairs, on loan from Fritz Hansen, the Embassy of Denmark in Washington, D.C., and Furniture from Scandinavia, and a new curtain made from fabric by Marimekko.
With Stieg Larsson, the Nordic crime novel achieved its international breakthrough. But is Nordic noir a voice of its own? Moderator Andrew Nestingen, Associate Professor of Scandinavian Studies at the University of Washington, leads two discussions (12 noon & 3 p.m.),with the region's foremost crime novelists offering their own takes on the success of the genre and its unique characteristics. Panelists, who will be divided between the two sessions, include Johan Theorin (Sweden), Lene Kaaberbøl (Denmark), Agnete Friis (Denmark), Vidar Sundstøl (Norway), and Jarkko Sipila (Finland).

Part of Nordic Cool 2013.

These are  FREE events. General Admission tickets will be distributed, two (2) per person on a first-come-- first-serve basis, in front of the theater, at 11:30 a.m. for the noon discussion and at 2:30 p.m. for the 3 p.m. discussion. 
Andrew Nestingen, USA (Moderator)
Andrew Nestingen is an associate professor of Scandinavian Studies at the University of Washington. He teaches courses on Finnish literature and culture, Nordic cinema, cinema, and cultural theory. He also conducts research as a professor with the Scandinavian Studies Department, currently focusing on how popular texts figure in the construction and regulation of social worlds. Past publications by Nestingen include a special issue of the Finnish journal Lähikuva on Aki Kaurismäki (2010), co-edited with Henry Bacon and Kimmo Laine; Crime and Fantasy in Scandinavia: Fiction, Film, and Social Change (2008); Transnational Cinemas in a Global North: Nordic Cinema in Transition (2005), co-edited with Trevor Elkington; and Scandinavian Crime Fiction (2011), co-edited with Paula Arvas. Upcoming works include a new book on Aki Kaurismäki's films titled The Cinema of Aki Kaurismäki.
Johan Theorin, Sweden
Johan Theorin works as both a novelist and a journalist. He writes mostly dark crime stories blended with Scandinavian folklore, all set on the island of Öland, where he spent much of his childhood. His three novels--Echoes from the Dead, The Darkest Room, and The Quarry--take place during three consecutive seasons on the island, beginning in autumn in Echoes from the Dead, as part of what Theorin envisions as a quartet in which the weather and landscape of the island affect the characters' stories.
Lene Kaaberbøl, Denmark
Lene Kaaberbøl writes fantasy and crime novels, occasionally with co-author Agnete Friis. Notable works include "The Shamer Quartet" (The Shamer's Daughter, The Shamer's Signet, The Serpent Gift, and The Shamer's War), and the Nina Borg crime series (The Boy in the Suitcase, Invisible Murder, and Nightingale Death), co-authored by Agnete Friis. Many of Kaaberbøl's young adult fantasy novels are set in medieval times or other worlds, while her crime stories are mainly set in her native Denmark.
Agnete Friis, Denmark
Friis works as a journalist and children's author. She also writes crime novels with co-author Lene Kaaberbøl. Friis is best known for her work with Kaaberbøl: The Boy in the Suitcase, Invisible Murder, and Nightingale Death.
Vidar Sundstøl, Norway
Vidar Sundstøl is a Norwegian crime author. He was awarded the Riverton Prize for best Norwegian crime novel of the year 2008, for The Land of Dreams. This book was also nominated for The Glass Key, for best Scandinavian crime novel of the year. The Land of Dreams is the first novel in the "Minnesota Trilogy," a series set among the Norwegian-American settlers in Cook County, Minnesota, and has been sold to a number of foreign publishers. The Land of Dreams will be published by University of Minnesota Press in 2013.
Jarkko Sipila, Finland
Jarkko Sipilä is a Finnish author and journalist. He has been reporting on Finnish crime for 20 years, has written 11 books, and co-wrote a TV series based on the Takamäki books. Through realistic characters and story lines, he explores current topics surrounding life in contemporary Finland.

Nordic Cool 2013 Literature Series is curated by Danish Arts Council, Norwegian Literature Abroad, Swedish Arts Council (Kulturrådet), Finnish Literature Exchange, and Icelandic Literature Foundation.

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