Nordic Cool 2013: Literature Panel: Poetic Expressions of Nordic Origins--Reflections Today

Wed., Mar. 6, 2013, 7:00 PM
Terrace Gallery
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For the duration of Nordic Cool 2013, the Terrace Gallery will become the Cool Club, an extension of the Nordic Design Illustrated exhibition. The Cool Club will feature the iconic Arne Jacobsen Series 7 chairs, on loan from Fritz Hansen, the Embassy of Denmark in Washington, D.C., and Furniture from Scandinavia, and a new curtain made from fabric by Marimekko.
Nordic mythology has been a literary inspiration for numerous Nordic writers. This event explores Nordic mythology in contemporary Nordic poetry. Meet three poets from the Åland Islands, Greenland, and Iceland who are inspired by traditional Eskimo motifs, mystical natural images, historical personages, and locations--Inger-Mari Aikio-Arianaick (Åland), Jessie Kleemann (Greenland) and Gerður Kristný (Iceland). The panel is moderated by Taru R. Spiegel, reference specialist in the European Division of the Library of Congress.

Part of Nordic Cool 2013.
Taru R. Spiegel is a reference specialist at the Library of Congress European Division who curates the Library's collections for the Nordic countries and the Netherlands. She has worked with Nordic-related programs at the Library of Congress including an exhibit on the Icelandic sagas. With a doctorate in political science, she has contributed to several publications. Her multicultural background has taken her to live and work on four continents.

Inger-Mari Aikio-Arianaick, Åland, representative of the Sámi region
Inger-Mari Aikio-Arianaick has published four collections of poetry (one of which, Máimmis dása [2011], was a candidate for the Nordic Council's literature prize) and two children's books. Her poetry has been published in many anthologies and translated into Norwegian, Hungarian, German, and English. She has attended various international literature events; including the Göteborg Book Fair, Marché de la Poésie in Paris, and the Windhoek Book Fair in South Africa. Ms. Aikio-Arianaick also works as journalist for radio and TV.
Jessie Kleemann, Greenland
Jessie Kleemann is a poet, dancer, and video and performance artist. She lives and works in Copenhagen. In her poems, the first of which appeared in her 1997 book, Taalla, traditional Eskimo motifs meet the globalized present. In this way, Kleemann's poetry, written in Greenlandic and Danish, brings the image world of the Eskimos up to date for the 21st Century. From 1984 to 1991, Kleemann was the director of the art school in Nuuk. In addition to her many other commitments, she has established a poetry festival in Greenland, written film scripts, and has her own TV show.
Gerður Kristný, Iceland
Gerður Kristný won the 2010 Icelandic Literature Award for her book of poetry, Blóðhófnir (Bloodhoof), which is based on an ancient Nordic myth, told in the Eddic poem "Skírnimál," about the attempt of the Nordic fertility god Freyr to fetch the poet's namesake Gerður Gymisdóttir from her far-away home as his bride. She has published collections of poetry and short stories, novels, books for children, and a biography, for which she received the Icelandic Journalism Award in 2005.

This is a FREE event. General Admission tickets will be distributed, two (2) per person on a first-come-- first-serve basis, in front of the theater, 30 minutes before the performance begins.

Nordic Cool 2013 Literature Series is curated by Danish Arts Council, Norwegian Literature Abroad, Swedish Arts Council (Kulturrådet), Finnish Literature Exchange, and Icelandic Literature Foundation.

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