Useful Tools

The Internet has made it possible to exchange files and even programs through existing phone lines. Downloading, as the process is known, allows you to get games, programs, documents, and plug-ins through the Internet. A plug-in adds features to your Internet browser (the program that makes it possible to view documents on the World Wide Web; Netscape and Internet Explorer are the most common browsers) by allowing it to play exciting new technology.

RealPlayer™ is software that makes it possible for you to experience streaming audio and video. Kennedy Center Internet broadcasts require the RealPlayer, available free at

Adobe® Acrobat® Reader is a software that lets you view and print Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files. Available free at

The Shockwave and Flash Player lets you play back Flash and Shockwave movies and animations. Available free at

The Quicktime plug-in will let you view Quicktime movies. Available free at