2012 Recipients of the VSA Playwright Discovery Award of the Kennedy Center

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Middle and high school students express their world view and examine how disability affects their life as well as the lives of others. The evening features concert readings of excerpts from Mr. Pan & Neverland by Samantha Brown (Brooklyn, New York); To the Beat of a Funeral March by Catherine Caffera (Fairport, New York); Life is Jazz by Bradley Hildebrandt (Elkhorn, Nebraska); and Dominoes by Christian Mincks (Colonial Heights, Virginia). Part of the 11th Annual Page-to-Stage festival.

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Screaming Orphans (County Donegal, Ireland)

This Celtic rock band from Ireland consists of the four Diver sisters who play their own melodic pop as well as traditional songs. Their blend of Irish roots with American influences has garnered them an Irish Music Award for Top Celtic Rock band.

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| Screaming Orphans |

Culinary Demonstration and Lecture from Chef Cathal Armstrong (Alexandria, VA)

Chef Cathal Armstrong (Restaurant Eve in Alexandria; multiple James Beard Award nominee) leads a cooking demonstration to showcase his commitment to complex, thoughtful dishes that combine his Irish roots and French training with American cuisine.

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The Tossers (Chicago, IL)

Formed in 1993, the six-piece Celtic punk band from Chicago has been proudly spreading their Irish gospel across the globe, with no plans of slowing down. The Tossers’ five albums have shown their impressive command of song structure and instrumentation.

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| The Tossers |