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About the Washington National Opera

Past Commissions

First Season: Three 20-Minute Operas
Performed on November 19th, 2012

Mauricio Miranda, Shantelle Pryzbylo, Julia Mintzer, Maria Eugenia Antunez, and Norman Garrett in 'The Game of Hearts'
Composer: Douglas Pew
Librettist: Dara Weinberg

Shantelle Pryzbylo and Julia Mintzer in 'Part of the Act'
Composer: Liam Wade
Librettist: John Grimmett

Yuri Gorodetski, Julia Mintzer, Soloman Howard, and Maria Eugenia Antunez in 'Charon'
Composer: Scott Perkins
Librettist: Nat Cassidy

First Season: Hour-Long Opera
Performed on June 8 and 9, 2013

Soloman Howard in 'Approaching Ali'
Composer: D.J. Sparr
Librettist: Mark Campbell and Davis Miller

Second Season: Three 20-Minute Operas
Performed on November 13th, 2013

Patrick O'Halloran, Tim Augustin, Shantelle Przybylo, Soloman Howard, and Norman Garrett in 'Duffy's Cut'
Composer: Jennifer Bellor
Librettist: Elizabeth Reeves

Yuri Gorodetski and Deborah Nansteel in 'Uncle Alex'
Composer: Joshua Bornfield
Librettist: Caitlin Vincent

Jacqueline Echols and Deborah Nansteel in 'Breaking'
Composer: Michael Gilbertson
Librettist: Caroline McGraw

Second Season: Hour-Long Opera
Performed June 13 and 14, 2014

Andrew Stenson in 'American Soldier'
Composer: Huang Ruo
Librettist: David Henry Hwang

All photo were taking by Scott Suchman