Washington National Opera Staff

  • Andrea Bachinski, Production Coordinator
  • Christy Blackham, Associate Technical Director
  • Colin Brush, Artistic Coordinator
  • Timm Burrow, Senior Costume Coordinator
  • David Butler, Manager of Production Services
  • Patrick Davey, Development Manager
  • Aaron Doty, Artistic Operations and Orchestra Manager
  • Shelley Friedman, Music Librarian
  • Steven Gathman, Head of Music Staff/Chorus Master
  • Cathie Gayer-Roubie, Costume Crafts Supervisor
  • Mark Hamberger, Associate Costume Director
  • Michael Heaston, Advisor to the Artistic Director and Director, Domingo-Cafritz Young Artist Program
  • Andrew R. Jorgensen, Director of Artistic Planning
  • Lauryn Kalbermatten-Goldberg, Artist Services Assistant and Assistant to the Artistic Director
  • Jiwon Kang, Coordinator, Domingo-Cafritz Young Artist Program
  • Sally Kessler, Draper
  • Marsha M. LeBoeuf, Costume Director
  • Katherine LeDoux, Assistant Manager, Artist Contracts
  • Abby McCarthy, Costume Stock Coordinator
  • William Nelson, Lead Draper
  • Kimberly Parkman, Stitcher
  • Kristin Patrick, First Hand
  • Stella Pivnik, First Hand
  • Kelley Rourke, Dramaturg
  • Kathryn Ruff, Program Manager
  • Lynly Saunders, Costume Coordinator
  • Allen Shapiro, Assistant Technical Director
  • Michael Solomon, Senior Press Representative
  • Paul Taylor, Technical Director
  • Amy VanderStaay, Master Stitcher
  • Elizabeth Ventura, Rehearsal Coordinator
  • Stefanie Wallace, Manager of Production Scheduling
  • Ken Weiss, Music Administrator
  • Stefanie Yoselle, Properties Coordinator
Washington National Opera also warmly acknowledges the work of the following Kennedy Center areas:

  • Darrell M. Ayers, Vice President of Education
  • Mickey Berra, Vice President of Production
  • Bo Bloomer, Vice President of Facilities
  • Ellery Brown, Senior Vice President of Operations
  • Maria Kersten, General Counsel
  • David Kitto, Vice President of Marketing and Sales
  • Kathy Kruse, Vice President of Institutional Affairs
  • Marie Mattson, Vice President of Development
  • Lynne Pratt, Vice President of Finance
  • Nicole Weaver, Chief Information Officer

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