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The Voice of Anne Frank


About the work

The Voice of Anne Frank speaks to the cares and delights of a thirteen year old girl forced to reckon with the extraordinary circumstances of her time. Her message endures far beyond the last pages of her diary to express not only her very special voice but also that of those who survived, those who did not, and those of us who are left to fond contemporary meaning in her story.

In a production that features movement, spoken text, lighting and sound, Mirenka Cechova, one of Europe's leading proponents of physical theater, and cellist Nancy Jo Snider bring The Voice of Anne Frank to life is a way that is touching, humorous and deeply affecting.

About the Artists

Since 2010, Mirenka Cechova (movement) and NJ Snider (‘cellist) have been collaborating on exploring sound and movement and their mutual influences on creating original physical movement and original sound score in live performances. Their collaboration includes performances of THE VOICE OF ANNE FRANK (touring in South Africa, USA, Czech Republic, Israel, Netherlands etc) and an original version of SALOME that was the genesis of MYTHS OF ESCAPE (Cechova’s lecture series about creative process in physical theater). They are currently working on a new piece (with computer musician and software designer William Brent), 1982-MYTHS OF ESCAPE, that explores what kinds of meaningful connections can be made between human movement, sound, and video that involves live manipulation of movement and sound through synthesis and transformation. These dual elements of the corporeal (live body) and the phantom (video of live movement) influenced and coexisting with sound combine to traverse the nebulous territory between the conscious and the unconscious, memory and the present, light, dark, humor and seriousness.

Watch Past Performances

Video 11/24/2014: The Voice of Anne Frank

Dancer Mirenka Cechová and cellist Nancy Jo Snider utilize dance, music, spoken word, sound effects, and lighting to convey the words of Anne Frank’s diary. Free general admission tickets will be distributed in the States Gallery starting at approximately 5:30 p.m., up to 2 tickets per person. Presented in cooperation with the Embassy of the Czech Republic.

  <i>The Voice of Anne Frank</i>