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Yoko K.


Yoko K. (electronica) is an electronic musician, producer, engineer, and vocalist. Yoko’s sound, “Organic Electronica,” is a hybrid of analog and digital that an audience member once described as “listening to a dream.” “Yoko hovers above her contemporaries in this genre… truly the work of a visionary,” says Adam Harrington (Whisperin & Hollerin).  Yoko’s self-produced first album, 012906 (Asahra Music, 2006), was nominated for “Best Album in Electronica” by the sixth Annual Independent Music Awards (2006).  “Searching,” a single from this album, was awarded Grand Prize in the Eletconic Jazz Category by The Artist Forum Electronic Music Competition (2007).  Yoko released her sophomore album Heaven’s Library in August 2011, which will be part of an in-flight music channel this year.

Born and raised in Japan, Yoko was classically trained in piano from age three, and nurtured as an electronic musician in Washington, D.C.  She explores music as a way to harmonize dichotomies – nature and technology, emotion and logic, tradition and innovation.  Yoko aspires to create music that is, to quote Beethoven, “the mediator between spiritual and sensual life.” 

Yoko has been awarded a Young Artist Grant (2006), and a New Media and Audio Grant (2007) from the Washington, D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities.  She performed at the Smithsonian Institution, Corcoran Gallery of Art, Irvine Contemporary, and the Embassies of Denmark and Finland. She has given guest lectures at the Communication, Culture and Technology Program at Georgetown University in 2007-2011, and gave a presentation at TEDxPotomac in May 2010. Yoko is the first electronic musician to be an Artist in Residence at Strathmore (2011-2012).  For more information please visit:

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Video 4/22/2017: Arts & Wellness: Yoko K. Sen

Arts & Wellness: Yoko K. Sen is a sound alchemist and the founder of Sen Sound. She started playing the piano at age three— her native language is music, Japanese is her second language, and English is her third. She produced her first album, 012906, which was nominated for Best Album in Electronica by the 6th Independent Awards (2006). Sen Sound aims to alleviate suffering through transforming sound design in hospitals. Yoko envisions human-centered sound design to bring more dignity to patients’ hospital experience. Discussion begins at 5:00 p.m. with a performance from 6–7 p.m. Presented in collaboration with Kennedy Center Sound Health.

Video 1/12/2012: Yoko K.

Born and raised in Japan, the Strathmore Artist-in-Residence is an electronic musician and vocalist who uses ephemeral organic electronica sounds and keen interest in creating art to promote social change.

Yoko K.