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Full Power Blues


Full Power BLUES once known as The D.C. Blues Society Band was formed in 2008.  In the early days, the Band started as a rhythm section that invited guest “artist” to perform.  We invited many local talents such as Clarence “the Blues Man” Turner”, Stacy Brooks and Lady Rose to name a few.

The Band has played many yearly Festivals in the Washington Metropolitan area such the Silver Spring Blues Festival, the College Park Blues Festival and most notable the Annual D.C. Blues Society Festival at Federal facility Carter-Baron Amphitheater.

In 2011 the Band had the good fortune to enlist as a permanent member vocalist Sister Ayaba Bey.  With Sister Bey, the Band performed at various clubs in the area in addition to Festival and became a very tight and serious organization.  Sister Bey has since left the Band to attend to family matters.

Again fortune smiled brightly on the Band with a new and very dynamic vocalist known as MAMA MOON.  A real vocal force to be noted.

Musicians include vocalist Mama Moon, saxophonist Murray Green, harp player David Harris, bassist David Jackson, drummer Calvin Newbill, Jr. and guitarist Sam’i Nuriddin.

Watch Past Performances

Video 12/13/2014: La Orilla

Head-Roc presents La Orilla, a tribute to the place he has called home for the past six years. La Orilla, or "The Edge," is a paradise in the nation's capital where artists and creatives from all walks of life and pursuits have famously gathered for years to enjoy each other's acceptance and support. The performance also includes appearances by Face, Full Power Blues featuring Mama Moon, and Cristopolis. Presented by Chocolate City Rocks.

  Full Power Blues