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Why Arts Education Is Vital

photo of a Target volunteer with children.

The performing arts help unify and enrich our communities. They bring people together - performers as well as members of the audience - to celebrate the finest expressions of the human spirit. Teachers and parents have long known the arts can transform children's lives. Numerous studies prove students who receive instuction in the arts as part of their school curriculum are more disciplined, more creative and more involved in the learning process. As school budgets are tightened and programs are cut, it is crucial to take a more proactive role in preserving arts education.

Just a few advantages of comprehensive arts education include the ability to:

photo of a Target volunteer with children.
  • improve student attendance and teacher involvement
  • bolster students' self-esteem and motivation to learn
  • excite young minds where other programs fail
  • serve as a valuable teaching tool for students with physical or mental disabilities, or with limited English proficiency
  • improve academic performance and standardized test scores
  • increase graduation rates
  • inspire the development of higher-order thinking skills, creativity and problem-solving abilities - very skills that make young people better students today for a brighter future tomorrow.

Your Contribution To The Human Spirit

photo of a Target volunteer with children.

As a Presidential memorial, the Kennedy Center receives a direct, federal appropriation for the operation and maintenance of the building only- none of this funding goes toward the Center's performances or ambitious educational activities.

With a fixed number of theater seats, ticket sales and other earned income cannot completely cover the costs of underwrting the Center's numerous programs and performances. Private funds are the only area where growth is unlimited. If arts education is to prepare children for their part as future leaders, it takes the contributions of corporate leaders today.

To continue building on its achievements and to realize the dream spelled out by President Kennedy of arts for everyone, the Center must continue to raise more funds in the coming years. President Kennedy wrote that we will be remebered, "not for our victories or defeats in battle or in politics, but for our contribution to the human spirit."

The scope of what the Kennedy Center can achieve is truly up to those who give. With your help, the Center can realize its vision of fully integrating the arts in the American school curriculum, inspiring minds for generations to come.