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National Symphony Orchestra Association Board of Directors
Gianandrea Noseda - Music Director

The NSO Board of Directors is comprised of civic, business, cultural and philanthropic leaders with interests in the Washington metropolitan area. The NSO Board is the governing body of the National Symphony Orchestra and helps to direct and carry out the artistic mission of the NSO. The Board meets four times annually and participates in many social functions and events with NSO musicians and guest artists throughout the year.


  • Ronald D. Abramson, Chairman
  • Joan Bialek, Vice Chairman
  • Thomas C. Green, Treasurer
  • Thelma Duggin, Secretary

Executive Committee
(Composed of the officers of the Association and the following)

  • Shannon McCormick Davis, Chair, Development and Special Events Committee
  • Barbara H. Franklin, Chair, Corporate Development Committee
  • Christina Co Mather, Chair, Nominating and Governance Committee
  • Michael Mayton, Chair, Audience Development Committee
  • Tina B. Small, Chair, Education and Community Engagement Committee
  • Michael F. Brewer
  • Cherrie W. Doggett
  • Ann B. Friedman
  • Jo Ann Jenkins
  • Richard Moxley
  • Michael Salzberg
  • Roger W. Sant

(in addition to officers and members of executive committee)

  • Martin K. Alloy
  • Anne K. Altman
  • Norman Bernstein
  • Brian Boyle
  • Jane Lipton Cafritz
  • Maria R. Clarke
  • Ashley Davis
  • Christine Dingivan
  • Debbie Driesman
  • Jennifer Fischer, ex officio
  • Norma Lee Funger
  • Jodie Hughes
  • Helen Jackson
  • Sydney McNiff Johnson
  • Kathryn Jones
  • Ann D. Jordan
  • Cynthia Krus
  • Jan M. Lodal
  • Mary P. Marsh, Lifetime Dir.
  • Anita McBride
  • Cathy McCulloch
  • William McDaniels
  • Linda Bell Mercuro
  • Constance Milstein
  • Joyce Moorehead
  • Irene Pollin
  • Rick Redden
  • Annette U. Rickel
  • Jeanne Weaver Ruesch
  • Patricia B. Sagon
  • James Schenck
  • Sheryl Schwartz
  • Martha Schwieters
  • Susan Silverstein Scott
  • Albert H. Small, Lifetime Dir.
  • Margaret Stehman, ex officio

National Symphony Orchestra National Trustees

The National Trustees are an important resource for the National Symphony Orchestra. They provide financial support for the Orchestra’s education programs, projects, and national and international touring programs. Additionally, they offer counsel to the Board of Directors in matters regarding the national and international scope of the Orchestra’s activities.


  • Jennifer Fischer, MI, Chairman
  • Jeri S. Crawford, NV, VP Development and Membership
  • Gerald L. Kohlenberger, VA, VP Summer Music Institute
  • Morgan K. Herterich, SC, VP Special Events and Meetings
  • Ex-Officio Positions
  • Michael Mayton*, AR, Immediate Past Chairman
  • Jessine Monaghan*, District of Columbia, Past Chairman
  • Mary K. Abercrombie, ID, Past Chairman
  • Noémi Neidorff, MO, Past Chairman


  • William F. Achtmeyer, MA
  • Ross Ain, District of Columbia
  • Erin Arrison, District of Columbia
  • Xavier J. Bignon, VA
  • Kenneth Broder, Dominican Republic
  • Richard Coursey, CO
  • Nancy J. Davis, FL
  • Gail Charnley Elliott*, CT
  • John Farrer, NM
  • Glenn Finch, VA
  • Mary Galvin, IL
  • Margaret Johnston, CT
  • Khaled Juffali, Saudi Arabia
  • Cheryl Kaynard, SC
  • Lou C. Kerr, OK
  • C. Michael Kojaian, MI
  • Gus Miller, VA
  • Robert P. Naparstek, RI
  • Ann Nicholson, MI
  • Jim Nicholson, MI
  • Thomas C. Quick, FL
  • Annette U. Rickel, NY
  • Patty Levaur Rome, CA
  • Anne Russell, TN
  • Victoria Stack, VA
  • Mei-Lan E. W. Stark,CA
  • Theresa Thompson*, VA
  • Jerome  F. Trautschold*, FL
  • John Wohlstetter,  SC
  • Stephen T. Young, GA

*Executive Committee Member-At-Large

Contact the NSO

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    Phone: 202-416-8100
    Fax: 202-416-8105

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