The Kennedy Center

Grand Foyer - North

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The Grand Foyer serves as a lobby for the Concert Hall, Opera House, and the Eisenhower Theater and is located on the river side of the Kennedy Center. It is 60 feet high and 630 feet long, making it one of the largest rooms in the world. If the Washington Monument were laid down on its side inside the Foyer, there would still be 75 feet to spare. At the center of the lengthy hall, is the famous bronze bust of President John F. Kennedy by American sculptor Robert Berks. The Foyer can be entered from the Hall of States, the Hall of Nations, or the River Terrace.

More information about the Grand Foyer - North

  1. Eight mirrors, 58 feet high and nine feet wide, are Belgium's gift to the Kennedy Center.
  2. Sweden's gifts to the Kennedy Center are 16 Orrefors crystal chandeliers and matching wall sconces that need a total of 8,000 lightbulbs. Each chandelier is 15 feet long, seven feet in diameter and weighs one ton.