The Kennedy Center

Terrace Theater

The Terrace Theater is the busiest theater within The Kennedy Center, hosting up to 180 performances each year ranging from music, jazz, dance, film, lectures, and more. Importantly, it also serves as a primary space through which the Center welcomes local arts groups and its artistic constituents, including WPA, Opera Lafayette, and many more.

Photos of the Newly Renovated Terrace Theater

Terrace Theater House-Photo by Ron-Blunt

The House
The Terrace Theater recently underwent a $21.8 million renovation, and has been completely transformed with hand-crafted, curved wood paneling that invokes the materials and build of stringed instruments.

Terrace Theater Stage-Photo by Ron-Blunt

The Stage
All materials were selected to enhance the acoustic integrity of the space, including seating, carpet, and the wood paneling, which is finished with wood sourced from a single sycamore tree.

Terrace Theater Panorama-Photo by Ron-Blunt

Theater Panorama
The new space holds 490 seats, including 14 accessible spaces located across each level of the theater, including balconies added to either side of the theater, and direct access to the stage from the audience chamber.

The New Terrace Theater

Take a tour of the newly renovated Terrace Theater.

The Chihuly Chandelier

As patrons enter, they are greeted by a reconfigured lobby and open staircase that spotlights a Chandelier created by renowned artist Dale Chihuly specifically for the space. Titled Amber Icicle and Split Leaf Chandelier, the work was commissioned by the Center with support from JoAnn McGrath and the Highland Street Foundation. The original design brings together in a Chandelier for the first time two of nature-inspired forms, icicles and split leaves, in an amber and garnet work of art.