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Russian Lounge

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Located in the space formerly occupied by the Golden Circles Lounge, the Russian Lounge was made possible thanks to the generous gift by Russian entrepreneur, Mr. Vladimir Potanin, a donation presented on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Kennedy Center, in 2011. The result of an architectural design and artistic competition, the Lounge's new look was jointly created by Natalia Zolotova (project concept), Sergey Skuratov (design) and Valery Koshlyakov (art work), and offers a unique and unexpected vision of modern Russia. The Lounge has been transformed to include new, spectacular architectural forms, such as the shining white corridor of a new, spacious bar ascending from semitransparent entrance doors and a grandiose painting by famed artist, Valery Koshlyakov. Regular visitors to the Golden Circles Lounge will recognize the Waterford crystal chandelier and sconces, formerly the centerpieces of the Golden Circles Lounge. The fixtures have been refurbished and are highlighted in the stunning new space in specially created niches that give them a new chic look and life.

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