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Kids Euro Festival: Bratislava Puppet Theatre & Castle Puppet Theater Sevnica

10/28/2019 at 6:00 PM

Popolvar is a famous traditional story about a lazy man with dirty face and his transformation into “the bravest knight”. How come that the ugly duckling—the shame of the family—becomes a hero who saves a princess from the wizard’s infinite power? Popolvar is a mysterious character—or perhaps not at all? Maybe he just did not believe in himself and neither did others. Popolvar is an adventurous puppet production about the image you create about yourself and other people, reflecting the topics of self-esteem, pride, and crooked mirrors. 
About the performance: Are we all the same? No, we are not! Andersen's story of the Ugly Duckling deals with themes of vulnerability, marginalization and abandonment of children going through growing pains, who are able find the persistence and courage to build themselves into good, responsible and fulfilled individuals. This journey is often fraught with disappointments and opposition, but eventually rewarded with self-knowledge and happiness; one day the ugly duckling will see its image in the mirror and discover the joy of being true to oneself.

Established in 2010, the Sevnica Castle Puppet Theatre is based in the castle of Sevnica, Slovenia, where it has a theatre hall and an educational salon, filled with puppets, from finger to full body. Its shows are primarily aimed at children but they also appeal to adults. They are educational, dynamic, interactive and realistic, and the visual and technological design of their large puppets follows classic puppeteering principles. In addition to producing its own shows, the group advises and mentors other puppet groups, organizes workshops for children and adults in Slovenia and abroad.

Presented in collaboration with the Embassies of Slovakia and Slovenia. 

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