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Kids Euro Festival


A celebration of European arts and culture for children that features a mix of artists from the participating countries of the European Union.

Watch Past Performances

Video 10/28/2018: And Then...

And Then... is a dance and soft circus expressed performance in a polyphonic and imaginary world. Four characters meet to tell and present their story in different ways—objects roll around, things move, and perspectives change through dance, speech, and song. And Then... is a suggestive puzzle, a playful treasure hunt, and a riddle.

Presented as a part of Kids Euro Festival.

Video 10/21/2018: Target Family Night: Berakovic & Karklina Duo "A journey through classical music"

The cello and piano Duo Lana Berakovic and Maija Karklina will introduce children and their families to the world of classical music through the enchanting melodies of the Stravinsky ballet “Pulcinella”, and thereby tell the story of one of the Italian Carnival’s most famous characters. The musicians belong to the ensemble of the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz, Austria’s oldest music university.

Presented as a part of Kids Euro Festival.

Video 10/26/2016: Kids Euro Festival

The Kids Euro Festival hosts an evening of fun that includes presentations of scenes from the fables of noted Italian children’s author Gianni Rodari. Presented in collaboration with the Embassy of Italy.

Kids Euro Festival