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In the summer of 1999, with a wealth of television experience already behind them individually, Glenn Weiss (Executive Producer/Director) and Ricky Kirshner (Executive Producer) partnered to form White Cherry Entertainment. Within a very short period of time they turned White Cherry into one of the most sought-after, award-winning boutique television production companies in the world.

This multiple Emmy Award-winning team's wide-ranging individual credits are saturated with the most acclaimed and highest-rated television specials, stadium spectaculars, and events in history, as well as events that have truly become a part of history! They have worked with a virtual who's who on stage and screen.... from current and former Presidents of the United States, chart-topping music acts, A-list actors from all genres, Broadway casts, symphony orchestras, solo performers, and casts of thousands. The critically acclaimed bodies of their work have appeared on every major broadcast network, both domestically and around the world. They have created and staged some of the biggest spectacles in the world while also excelling in the creation of some of the most intimate moments on television. White Cherry's hallmark style is in creating a connection between the performers and the viewers while making sure the program still feels grand. They strive to accomplish this while never losing sight of the integrity and uniqueness of each individual show and its creative concept. Their philosophy is that no two shows are the same and therefore each show is custom-crafted and has a specific point of view.

As powerful as their individual credits are, as a team Glenn and Ricky bring an unparalleled wealth of creativity, experience, and professionalism to every show they produce. With strong backgrounds on both the business and creative sides of a television production, White Cherry brings a distinctive perspective that has the creative vision, the time management expertise, and the budgetary knowledge to deliver shows that are well-reviewed, award-winning, on time and on (or under) budget. While White Cherry comes to a project with strong creative, leadership, and management skills, the most unique part of the White Cherry experience is the collaborative nature of how they run their business, which has kept clients happily coming back time and time again.

White Cherry Entertainment has won 8 Emmy Awards together. Kirshner and Weiss have also received an additional 4 Emmy Awards individually, 5 Directors Guild Awards, 1 Peabody Award, a cable ACE award (for those of us old enough to remember what this is), and more than 25 Emmy nominations between them.

(Current as of November 2015)
 White Cherry Entertainment