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Janelia McNair Sanya


Nigerian-American born singer/songwriter Janelia McNair Sanya developed her love of music while growing up in Nigeria. Learning traditional Yoruba folk songs led to her discovering other musical genres, such as, Soul and Jazz. Fast-forward to now and the Baltimore, Maryland resident's 7-piece band "Janeliasoul" is fusing those influences, along with pop and Afrobeat into one infectious sound. 

Lyrically, she draws off of positive self-affirmations, something she practices in her own life, on a daily basis. After her video for "Love-Hate" reached more than 1 million viewers on YouTube,Janeliasoul released her debut EP, "Self Affirmation Project." As the album continues to gain momentum, with lead single "I am Bold" leading the way, the sky's the limit for this Nigerian Goddess. 

Find out more and let the music tell you the rest of the story:

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Video 5/9/2019: Keepin The Funk Alive - Funk Parade Preview

Funk Parade 2019 is happening on Saturday May 11th.  Funk Parade is DC's  largest all day celebration of music dance and culture taking place along the historic U Street Corridor. The festival is made up of the mighty Funk Parade itself that winds through the neighborhood and over 30 stages throughout the neighborhood hosting musical performances all day. Funk Parade is a celebration for everyone: all ages, races, cultural backgrounds, sexual identities and walks of life.  Funk Parade is the sub atomic particle of love that makes you want to move and enjoy the company of all humans.  We are excited to partner with the Kennedy Center once again to present an amazing day of music and celebration. Make sure to visit the HFA Stage (Located near Florida Ave and V St NW) on Saturday May 11th from 1:00pm to 7:00pm. To find out more visit