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Džambo Aguševi Orchestra


Trumpet virtuoso Džambo Agušev, born in Strumica, Macedonia, in 1987, represents the apex of the younger generation of Romani brass performers. Džambo was trained by his father Džemal, his uncle Koco (1965-2009), a legend who led the famous band Aguševi. At the age of 11 Džambo became a member of Aguševi as third trumpet. He soon ascended to the top of his profession and formed his own band, with his brother, father, and several other relatives. Džambo Aguševi Orchestra has won prizes in all the major brass festivals: Kumanovo, Pehcevo, and the international brass festival in Guca. The band has an active touring schedule and recently performed in the Sziget Festival (2018, Hungary) as well as in Turkey, UK and Mexico. In March 2018 they performed in the US for the first time, to sold-out crowds in California. They have two recent CDs: Brass Hurricane Tour (2014), and Brass Like it Hot (2016, ARC).

Watch Past Performances

Video 5/8/2019: Džambo Aguševi Orchestra

Džambo Aguševi Orchestra represents the apex of the younger generation of Balkan Romani brass performers. Aguševi’s band includes his father, brother, and other relatives. They have toured around the world and have performed at many Romani community events.

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