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DCTOP20 is a growth agency and streaming network launched late 2016 by DJ Anonymous in Washington D.C. When DJ A began to witness the shift of traditional media to streaming, he focused on building a platform that would strategically enhance the careers of creative artists through experimental marketing, digital advertising, livestream programming, and media curation. DCTOP20 uses real-time engagement, analytics, partnerships, and user-generated content to transform music, fashion, esports, & lifestyle brands into bankable businesses; increasing revenue streams and brand awareness on a global scale.

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Video 8/21/2019: MK Zulu

MK Zulu returns to Millennium Stage,  introducing his own ensemble for the very first time. Using his contrasting talents, MK Zulu delivers original sound infusing jazz and Hip Hop production with solid lyrical prowess.

Presented in collaboration with DCTOP20.