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Sherele is a Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, based quartet which presents pieces of the klezmer repertoire and original compositions. They create a totally unique sound to klezmer music by embracing a wide variety of jazz styles as well as Mexican and Latin American rhythms, their performers being from mexican, argentinian and french origins. In Mexico, they have played hundreds of concerts in local clubs, theaters as well as mexican jazz and cultural festivals. In the USA, they represented the state of Jalisco for the 2010 Bicentanary Celebrations in the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC.

“Oy mame Shein, Pickles, Chiles and Jrein”, debut cd of the group in 2008, was the launch for the band with a jazz folk sound, starting a wave of interest in Guadalajara for klezmer and eastern European music that is flourishing now. Nathalie Braux’s original piece “Polka Dot Blues” was then included in the Putumayo compilation: “Jazz Around the World” in 2009.

By 2012, the musicians had experimented with new sounds: Nathalie started playing the accordion, the guitarist and bassist added pedals and electrical effects, and the new drummer brought a rock/funk drive to the band. This more urban sound was applied to the new album, “Goulash Birria” (La Birria is a classic dish from the State of Jalisco). They composed the music for the animated short film “Electrodoméstico”, winner of the International Film Festival, in 2013. The award winner Sabrina Denault used “Polka Dot Blues” for her animated short film “A l’ aveuglette”, (Any Witch Way), Quebec, Canada in 2014.

In 2017, Sherele cut their new album “Chill a Klezmer”, with a playful jazz sound, enhanced by the incorporation of two guests, on the violin and the Brazilian cavaquinho. The title was another pun of food: the “chilaquiles” is a famous Mexican dish of fried tortilla strips simmered in red or green salsa.

The founder of the group, Nathalie Braux, now lives in Washington, D.C.

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Video 8/22/2019: Sherele "Chill a Klezmer"

Sherele’s soulful music blends traditional Klezmer repertoire and original compositions with Jazz and Latin American rhythms. Captivating audiences for the past decade all over Mexico, they are presenting their 3rd cd “Chill a Klezmer”, in their unique style of upbeat and buoyant music.