The Kennedy Center

Holiday Campanella


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Award of Excellence: $2,000
Age: 23
"Artistic momentum is being your own engine. "
Holiday Campanella has attended art classes at a local community center since the age of five, a feature that brought consistentcy and peace in her life notably after being diagnosed with Irritable Bowl Syndrome at the age of 14. Campanella made a conscious decision to become an artist after enrolling in college, where she learned what it means to be a working artist and discovered a deep love for painting, printmaking, and sculpture.
Her piece Acts I–V is a recreation of a block of South Philadelphia row houses. An artful and detailed construction, the sculpture is inspired by a day in the life of her Italian-American grandparents' neighborhood, in which the viewer may peek into the windows and doors of each home. Campanella intends for her sculpture to function as a play, which gains and loses momentum, but may never reach a definitive conclusion. The performance taking place within Acts I–V is Campanella's portrait of her grandparents and, ultimately, also a portrait of herself.
Campanella is currently pursuing a degree at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia.
Holiday Campanella