The Kennedy Center

Will Copps


Washington, District of Columbia
Award of Excellence: $2,000
Age: 25
"I like my art to hinge on a point where things are always just out of my control--running on their own momentum. This leads to a variability that reflects both the random nature of my inspiration and the unpredictable nature of my own expressions while living with Tourette's. I find the tension between self-applied filters and uncertainty to be inspiring, exciting, and beautiful."
Will Copps is a musician and visual artist who has focused on integrating audio and video to develop a unique visual style. Inspired by creative pioneers such as Wassily Kandinsky and Brian Eno, Copps explores the places where the mediums of sound and sight interplay. Primarily working with computers, sonar, and programming technology, Copps creates genre-crossing installations that he characterizes as "video paintings."
Through the use of generative programming and sonar sensors, Copps creates works that appear different every time they are displayed and are uniquely responsive to each viewer. This type of creative work reflects Copps' s delight in chance events, unexpected results, and random outcomes. While Copps sets the general parameters for his art, the final outcome is never in his complete control and the results unpredictable. This acceptance in unpredictability mirrors the way the artist has dealt with Tourette syndrome, as "his work with electronic music and visuals has become the same for his mind."
Copps holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the University of Mary Washington.
Will Copps