The Kennedy Center

Brian Kellett


Columbus, Ohio
Award of Excellence: $2,000
Age: 25

"Art demands a receptive attitude to living one's life in a way that absorbs all the influences, struggles, celebrations, and circumstances that make us individuals."

Brian Kellett is a photographer that strives to capture the unpredictability of whatever circumstances come his way. Kellett, who is a T4 paraplegic, turned his photographic hobby into a career after the mountain biking accident that caused his disability. The ability to continue a loved pursuit enabled a positive attitude post-accident and set the foundation for Kellett's artistic motivation: being open to unplanned moments in time that, together, tell a story that unfolds in an exposed chain of film frames.

Primarily using 35mm roll film, Kellett works to build a visual timeline that is unknown until the film is developed, and he abandons any anticipation of capturing a specific photograph.  Kellett's photographs regularly touch on the theme of point-to-point movement and, the artist states, they act to change "others' perception of what was possible from someone who uses a wheelchair."

Kellett holds a Master of Fine Arts in Photography from the Brooks Institute in California and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Columbus College of Art and Design in Ohio.
Brian Kellett