The Kennedy Center

Krista Kuskye


South Bend, Indiana
Award of Excellence: $2,000
Age: 23
"Art is like a therapy because it takes my mind off the pain and into an alternative world. Going through the process of photographing and printing, I can't help but to reflect on who inspired me the most."
Krista Kuskye was introduced to photography by signing up for a tenth grade high school class. Infected by the energy and passion of her teacher, Kuskye found her calling as an artist and was hooked to photograph anything and everything in her path. Working with a medium format camera, Kuskye primarily shoots in black and white to be able to focus on light quality and subject matter without the distraction of color.
Her recent series of works, of which Union Station, Indiana is a part, is a symbolic representation of the daily pain Kuskye has with fibromyalgia. Haunting black and white prints of crumbling building interiors are metaphors for pain, as well confusion and loss. At the same time, the photos may contain a delicate path of light or a distant open door, symbolizing a means of moving forward.
Kuskye recently graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Indiana University at South Bend.
Krista Kuskye