The Kennedy Center

Artur Matveichenkov


Guaynabo, Puerto Rico
Award of Excellence: $2,000
Age: 25
"Painting is a way of experimenting with social and personal relations by making visible the aspects of experience that may not be readily apparent."
Artur Matveichenkov was born and raised until the age of 13 in Lithuania, after which he and his family moved to Puerto Rico to escape the uncertain political changes facing the country at that time. Finding himself in a new country, trying to learn a new language as a person with severe hearing loss, Matveichenkov turned to art-making to quell his feelings of isolation.
Matveichenkov paints as a form of expression that allows him to be social without being linguistic. For the artist, painting is an opportunity to communicate effortlessly as well as a visual challenge to the hegemony of spoken language. Matveichenkov's current paintings feature disembodied limbs in ordinary spaces. His work is a search for the uncanny in mundane surroundings and the isolated subject matter reflects the state of isolated focus that is Matveichenkov's experience of living with his disability.
Matveichenkov holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Ringling College of Art and Design in Florida.
Artur Matveichenkov