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The mission of Kyrgyz American Foundation is to strengthen civil, humanitarian and cultural ties between Kyrgyzstan and the United States by advancing intercultural awareness, preserving the multicultural heritage of Kyrgyzstan, and promoting values of freedom, unity, and enlightenment through arts, education and science. Through this, we strive to open Kyrgyzstan to the World, cultivate a sense of identity for future generations and contribute to peace building in Eurasia. 
Created by three distinguished New York artists, Kyrgyz American Foundation exemplifies unity and friendship, seeking to open new opportunities for Kyrgyzstan and America, that serve the best interests and cooperation between these two nations.

Watch Past Performances

Video 6/25/2019: The Eurasia Festival

The Eurasia Festival is a sponsored project of Kyrgyz American Foundation, with the mission to preserve and promote the multicultural heritage of Eurasia within the United States.  This concert presents the festival’s emerging and young artists from around the globe in an eclectic fusion of classical, traditional, folk, jazz, and operatic musical traditions from Eurasian countries.

Presented in collaboration with the Kyrgyz American Foundation.

Video 8/26/2017: Sounds of Kyrgyzstan in Washington D.C.

Kyrgyz American Foundation presents a historical gala concert that will feature concert pianists Aza Sydykov and Jonathan Levin, soprano Nikoleta Rallis, cellist Nurmira Greenberg, komuz instramentalist Perizat Kopobaeva, and renowned jazz pianist Joel Martin. These world-class musicians will demonstrate their mastery of improvisation on the komuz (Kyrgyz traditional instrument) and piano.

 Kyrgyz American Foundation