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Takht Al-Nagham


Takht Al-Nagham is a New York-based Arab ensemble featuring the sound of a traditional takht (Arab chamber music group). Following the vision of its founder Samer Ali, it is committed to performing the classical Syrian repertoire with traditionally all acoustic instruments. In order to familiarize audiences in the U.S. with the original structure of the musical traditions, the takht presents its sets in the same manner that they were originally performed. Participating in this performance will be musicians and vocalists. “Nagham” means melody or tune in Arabic, and is also used as a synonym for the Arab Maqam system.

Watch Past Performances

Video 10/12/2018: Syria to Egypt: A Musical Continuum

Syria to Egypt: A Musical Continuum is a journey on land and through time of the formative years of Arabic music. The program will feature the five most important classical composers of the region, presented in a chronological order.

Presented in collaboration with Multiflora Productions’s Flash of the Spirit music festival.

Takht Al-Nagham