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Fred Mathews


Fred Mathews (Choreographic Advisor) graduated from Stephens College where he worked under the tutelage of Harriette Ann Gray, former Humphrey- Weidman dancer, subsequently becoming her protege. He then joined the inter- nationally recognized Jose Limón Dance Company, where he became known for his dramatic portrayals. He also performed in a broad repertory of works includ- ing “There is a Time,’ “The Winged,” “A Choreographic Offering” (dedicated to Doris Humphrey), “The Unsung,” “The Traitor,” “Missa Brevis” and as was featured as the ‘white man’ in “The Emperor Jones.” In addition he performed in original works by Anna Sokolow, Ruth Currier and Ted Rotante. In 1975, he was engaged to dance opposite Rudolph Nureyev at the London Coliseum in Limón's masterpiece “The Moor's Pavane.” His first major work, “Solaris,” was premiered by the Limon Company in1975 and received enthusiastic reviews. His next piece, “Lunaris,” was choreographed for Winni- peg’s Contemporary Dancers and became known as his signature work. In 1979, he and former Limon dancer, Gary Masters, formed the Mathews-Masters Dance Company in New York City, performing throughout the United States and in Europe. He has choreographed for several pro- fessional companies and taught for many years at New York University. In addition, he has given extended workshops at Harvard University, Radcliffe College and Sarah Lawrence College. In1989 Mr. Mathews was invited to join the faculty at San Jose State University. Professor Mathews is Choreographic Advisor for sjDANCEco and served as co-director of Danceworks Presents which produced Bay Area dance companies annually, and now serves as adjudicator for sjDANCEco’s ChoreoProjects. In 2008, his innovative piece, “Witness the Dawn,” was performed by sjDANCEco and most recently, he directed a structured improvisation as part of “Velocities” for their 2011 season at the California Theatre. Professor Mathews has been on the Dance Fac- ulty at SJSU since 1989 and was coordinator from 1997 - 2015. He teaches choreography and philosophy, and directs the student concerts

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Video 3/29/2019: sjDANCEco & Gabriel Mata/Movements

sjDANCEco’s performance demonstrates the power and poetry of dance through José Limón’s “The Exiles,” inspired by the exodus during and following WWII, to Maria Basile’s  “The Upward Spiral,” new work by Gabriel Mata that merges dance and physical theater, and a group collaborative that explores the multi-generational experiences of its cast.

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Fred Mathews