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Micah Smith


Micah Smith,, of Baltimore, Maryland is an astonishing singer, songwriter, composer and musician of contemporary gospel and Christian music. He decided to become a leader when he saw the need for change. His music has been known to touch the hearts of many and inspire their lives. Micah has a unique yet warm and welcoming voice that changes atmospheres. Since a young child, Micah has rapped himself in the great melodies of music. Inspired by Artists from many genres, His sound is innovative and touching. Currently arranging vocal production and/or songwriting for artist throughout, as an artist, His mission is to transform the heart of man through the conviction of his song . “My music can help them see the light and direction of a higher power.” He is also heavily involved in the renowned Soulful Symphony organization, a private vocal coach, Baltimore City teacher, traveling musician and a devoted family man. Labeled today’s “Velvet voice” by Super Producer Dontae Winslow, He has shared the stage with amazing songwriters and musicians today like Frank McComb, Lonnie Liston Smith, Kenny Latimore, Jason Nelson, The Bad Boy Family featuring Puff Daddy, Marvin Sapp, Roberta Flack and many others in today’s industry. Micah’s passion for music is demonstrated in his performance and in the music his listeners have embraced. He believes that with every life situation, there is a song to identify your experiences. His mission is to create the powerful vibrations that lift spirits and reach the hearts of his audience by creating music that will inspire positive evolution and encourage triumphant lives. He is a devote member of the Soulful Symphony Organization under the direction of Darin Atwater. He is an astonishing talent who has shared the stage with international talents in Gospel and R&B such as Jasmin Sullivan, Jason Nelson, Lonnie Liston Smith and Marvin Sapp to name a few. Ladies and gentlemen I give you the soulful sound of Micah Smith

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Video 6/14/2019: The King and Mic featuring Micah Smith

The King and Mic featuring Micah Smith will be an evening filled with timeless tunes recorded by the late great Nat King Cole. Micah Smith delivers classics reinvented for a tasteful, unforgettable experience.

Presented in collaboration with the DC Jazz Festival.