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Meadow and Stars LLC


Founded in 2017, Meadow and Stars Production Company endeavors to bring history to life through compelling original dramatic performances. They highlight the importance of history through the stories and experiences of some of the first people to call themselves Americans. Meadow and Stars is based out of Williamsburg, VA and has produced historical programming at venues such as: Colonial Williamsburg, Colonial National Historic Park at Yorktown, and Saratoga Battlefield National Park. Working with original documents, primary sources and surviving objects, their performance are born out of a desire to tell the stories of the men and women who lived at a time when this country was still in its infancy.

Watch Past Performances

Video 8/11/2019: Tag, Rag, and Bobtail: Women Belonging to the Army

As the war for American Independence rages, two women are risking everything in order to follow those fighting for the causes they believe in. These women attach themselves to the army out of a sense of duty and obligation. In doing so, they sacrifice peace of mind, safety, and their own hopes and dreams. Their often-forgotten efforts shaped the war and they showed their patriotism though both daily actions as well as through extraordinary actions under unusual circumstances. Much of today's performance has been drawn from first-hand accounts of the time including diaries, pension records, newspapers and letters.

Please join us afterwards for a post-performance discussion.