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Choir Cedemusica


Cedemusica is a non-profit institution based in the city of Ambato created in 2008, dedicated to the promotion, organization and execution of music education. Choir Cedemusica has participated in sacred, popular and academic festivals in Ecuador, Peru and Colombia. In addition, the choir sang with the Philadelphia Boys Choir & Chorale at the Lalama Theater in 2017 under the direction of Jeffrey R. Smith and Jasmine Simons; as well as with the Pacific Boychoir Academy of Oakland, CA led by Andrew Brown in 2018 in Ambato. Their performances are distinguished by their indigenous costumes and Afro-Ecuadorian rhythms.

Watch Past Performances

Video 7/8/2019: Serenade! Choral Music Festival Grand Finale

Classical Movements’ 9th annual Serenade! Washington, D.C. Choral Festival concludes on the Concert Hall stage with a truly grand finale: individual performances by “The Human Journey” ensembles from Iran, Mongolia, Ecuador, Mexico, Canada, France and Germany, as well the Serenade! mass choir, led by the 2019 recipient of the Robert Shaw Lifetime Achievement Award, Doreen Rao. Dr. Rao will conduct her second Serenade! mass choir in the world premiere of Refuge—a brand-new work by soprano and composer Patrice Michaels—commissioned by the Eric Daniel Helms New Music Program.

This program is part of The Human Journey.

Free general admission tickets will be distributed in the Hall of Nations starting at approximately 4:30 p.m., up to two tickets per person.

Video 7/7/2019: Serenade! Choral Music Festival

Co-presented with Classical Movements, the 9th annual Serenade! reflects on the “Human Journey: Music, Migration and Identity” with professional vocal groups, community choral ensembles and youth choirs alike”.

Calmus embodies the rich choral tradition of Leipzig, its hometown city so closely associated with Bach and Mendelssohn.  Calmus has captivated both audiences and critics alike for twenty years with its charming stage presence, flawless technique and entertaining presentation.

Choir Cedemusica, a children’s choir from Ambato, Ecuador presents Ecuadorian culture through various indigenous wardrobes, and songs of indigenous and Afro-Ecuadorian rhythms conducted by Rommel Jumbo Medina.

Toronto Beaches Children’s and Youth Chorus founded in 2006 by artistic director Bronwen Low look to explore the stories and music of the 1st Nations of Canada for their take on the Human Journey through a brand new commissioned work by a 1st nations composer, Barbara Croall.

This program is part of The Human Journey.

Choir Cedemusica