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With ethereal heartfelt ballads & trap jazzy serenades, the rowdy rebel and all round Sunny vibe creator is here to make her presence known. With delicately enchanting vocals and colorful harmonies, the Mezzo-Soprano songstress hopes to make a lasting impact touching souls with her music the same way her influencers touched hers. Te'La believes her purpose on Earth is to inspire her audience to live not for others but for their own truth. The Sunshine Queen is both a remarkable story and an alluring song. Her authentic approach to music and style are felt through each ray of light she provides.

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Video 8/8/2019: Te'La - Rowdy Sessions

Sultry tones and a heart split open in scattered eighth notes, Te’La offers an outpouring of ethereal ballads and original arrangements. Rowdy Sessions is a cry for love from a sweet and mellow yet rebellious singer-songwriter.