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Bootsy Collins


Bootsy Collins is a leader of the soul-expanding, mind-bending funk movement. Collins' driving bass guitar and humorous vocals established him as one of the leading names in funk. Funk music brought a cultural change to society, which is evident in hip-hop, fashion, vernacular language and pop culture.
Bootsy Collins’ influence on popular culture is inescapable. His SOUND and LOOK are literally stitched into the fabric of modern music, be it R&B, Funk, Rock, Hip-Hop or E.D.M. Snoop Dogg, Outkast, Flea, Dr. Dre, Rick James, Prince, Daft Punk, Primus, and Thundercat—to just name a few—are all Brother-Natures’ disciples. Today, a whole new generation of music fans have embraced Bootsy’s legacy via Childish Gambino’ platinum hit “Red Bone”, a loving homage to Collin’s 70’s smash “I’d Rather be with You.”

Bootsy Collins returns with his super charged new album, “World Wide Funk.” It blends classic Bootsy with the sound of the now. Surrounded by a revolving door of classic hip- hop artists, Boots-rap-a-fella is joined by Snoop Dogg, DJ Quick, Chuck D, and Big Daddy Kane who are accompanied by guitar shredders, Bucket Head, Justin Johnson and Eric Gale. Old school funk artists like Bernie Worrell also make an appearance; as well as a whole new slew of young artists. “World Wide Funk” promises, “That this is the year of the funkateer!” And you can’t fake the funk.

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Video 9/7/2019: Wind Me Up Chuck! The Chuck Brown Band

The Chuck Brown Band performs a special tribute to the man who created Go-Go, the sound of DC, Chuck Brown.

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 Bootsy Collins