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La Mojarra Electrica


Born in 2001.It is a band composed by musicians that, mostly have a jazz background, with also a folkloric background. They, without knowing, would become later the pioneers of a new style. In 2003, La Mojarra Eléctrica produced and launched its first record, named Calle 19th (19th Street), which has received acclaim from critics, audiences and the music industries of Colombia and Latin America. In October 2006, Mojarra Electrica released Race (Raza), which became one of the top 10 records of the year was said by Avianca Magazine to be one of the top 10 records of Colombian musical history. Poder Para la Gente is Mojarra’s third album, launched in 2011, with hit songs like El Dembou and Kien Sos Vos. The music of La Mojarra has been selected to feature on two film soundtracks: the song El Hueco (Hollow) from the album Raza, can be heard in the film Paraíso Travel, and Calle 19th can be heard in Looking for Miguel. In 2019, while being invited to SXSW ad other american festivals, La Mojarra Electrica prepares a new array of songs.

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Video 9/26/2019: La Mojarra Electrica

Presented in collaboration with the Smithsonian Year of Music, the performance have elements of afro-American music, and traditional pacific rhythms from Colombia. It represents Colombian culture, evoking mother Africa its influence in Colombian rhythms with the background of modernity.