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SINTESIS is among the most avant-garde musical ensembles and one of the icons of Cuban contemporary music. The band in its artistic journey, has defined a particular seal blending the African roots impregnated in the insular sound with currents of jazz and rock. SINTESIS implements songs with lyrics in Spanish with their own elaboration of songs of Afro-Cuban origin sung in their original language creating a unique style which has called the critic's and the public’s attention. SINTESIS Group Currently formed by 8 musicians graduates of the National School of Art of Havana, with a professional career of more tan 30 years. The band with more than 60 international tours as a musical ensemble, through Latin America, North America, Mediterranean and Central Europe countries. The musical work of SINTESIS has allowed the new Cuban generations to recognize themselves in the musical Afro-Cuban legacy from a contemporary point of view. Síntesis was awarded the ArtisticMerit and recognition "For its creative enrichment of the Cuban musical patrimony " by the Music National Museum of Havana

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Video 9/30/2019: SINTESIS

SINTESIS is one of the classics of Cuban fusion music, to which its authors endowed an originality based on the fusion for the first time of Afro-Cuban ritual music with contemporary music.