Choro Trio


Considered by great Brazilian musicians as a revelation in bandolim playing (Brazilian version of the mandolin), Luis Barcelos, who has been influenced by the the genuine music of Rio de Janeiro, gets the public's admiration for his unique, inventive, striking style. The guitarist Caio Marcio dos Santos is part of and shapes a music movement in Lapa, Rio, in which young musicians gather and give Choro a contemporary interpretation, experimenting, imporivising and mixing it with other genres such as Jazz, Flamenco and Funk. Drummer and percussionist for 18 years, Carlos Cesar Motta, has been performing and recording relevant work in the scenario of the Brazilian Popular Music (MPB). He has worked with great names of Brazilian music, such as Elza Soares, Zelia Duncan and Maria Bethania.

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Video 9/9/2010: Choro Trio

Choro Trio, made up of bandolin player Luis Barcelos, guitarist Caio Marcio dos Santos, and drummer and percussionist Carlos Cesar Motta, mixes choro music with jazz, flamenco, and funk. Presented in cooperation with the Embassy of Brazil in celebration of choro, popularly called chorinho.

Choro Trio