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Paulatuk Moonlight Drummers and Dancers


The Paulatuk Moonlight Dancers are traditional Inuvialuit dancers. Ninety percent of the dancers consist of youth and children making this the youngest Group in the Western Arctic. All members regardless of age can sing, drum and dance. There are over 70 freestyle and motion dances with Inuvialuit stories and history; they are explained during the performance.

The Group was formed in 1995 and has performed in the Western Arctic, Point Barrow (Alaska), Arctic Winter Games (Nuuk, Greenland) and the Canadian Pavilion at Expo 2000 (Hannover, Germany). Recently, they performed and welcomed the Royal Visitors, Prince William and Kate, in Yellowknife July 2011.

The Group is always in training, learning new and old songs as well as choreographing new dances to old songs. The teaching comes from elders and other Inuvialuit who have been involved with, or is a member of other Inuvialuit Drummers and Dancers groups in the region.

The lead singer is Michael (Nolan) Green, just 24 years old. He was 10 years old when a video on drum dancing inspired him to make drums out of cardboard and use sticks. Soon he had a following of youth who would learn the songs and dances and declared, “We don’t do drugs; we don’t do alcohol; we do drum dancing!” Nolan single-handedly revived drum dancing in Paulatuk. In 2002, he was nominated by the Inuvialuit Regional Corporation and received a Canada Youth Award from Canadian Heritage in recognition of his contribution.
Paulatuk Moonlight Drummers and Dancers