met Estrada

met Estrada work represents the freedom and joy of the mind as it wanders through countries and civilizations both ancient and modern, real and imagined. Like a true explorer and artist, for him there is always one more idea over the horizon, one more aspect of humanity yet to be painted. He paints the Chinese, the French, the Japanese, Indians, the English, Egyptians, Mexican bullfighters, cav en, birds, dinosaurs, dragons, and d ons. Each painting is like an exclamation point as it hovers over the singular idea of the day, usually punctuated in the studio by Estrada own declarative explanation of his day's work: Look! The MONster! Taken in its entirety, his work forms one vast world that is as populated as our own, as he joyously ruminates over all the infinite variations. Estrada lives in East Providence, Rhode Island.