Take every aspect of an American rock band: beautifully loud, amplified sound; energetic, audience-engaging performances; light and video backgrounds; continuous, focused, brilliant music— then cross conservatory-trained precision with a love for electronics, experimentalism, and math-metal; and you have futureCities. We are Anne Rainwater and Jude Traxler, piano and percussion, New York City. Distilling each work to its most essential elements, futureCities makes art both adventurous and accessible. Bring your friends. "We met at the Bang on a Can Summer Music Festival in 2008 and completed our masters degrees in contemporary performance at the Manhattan School of Music together. We've played in a wide variety of genres and venues, including concert halls, small studio spaces, horrible pubs, and even on a paint-covered piano in the streets of downtown Manhattan." Enriching the public perception of live music, futureCities’s repertoire is comprised of unique works that are flexible for an individual retelling of the composer's message.