Gato’s Sin Frontera

Upon arriving in the U.S., Gato and Yudi immediately formed their own musical group Sin Frontera with the vision of combining Cuban folkloric music (Afro-Cuban rumba, Congo, and Yoruba) with contemporary styles like Latin Jazz, world, funk, and son. They are pleased to be working withemexceptional musicians to create rhythmic and stylistic fusions that appeal to a broad audience while retaining their musicality and dance ability. Gato’s goal is to present Afro-Cuban music to a wide and diverse population by collaborating with top-tier musicians from around the world and allowing each one to freely participate in the creative process by contributing his/her own unique background, experience, and traditions to the musical product. Sin Frontera believes that music transcends nationality, and instead, comes from and speaks to people; thus, the name Sin Frontera (“Without Borders”).