Christina Gelsone

Seth Bloom and Christina Gelsone really did meet in Afghanistan, a country they have returned to almost every year since 2003. Upon meeting each other, they knew they had similar artistic goals, and wanted to try what very few have succeeded at: half-mask shows that are truly funny, not historical recreations. This led to the development of Madame and Monsieur, a fast-paced, non-verbal mask comedy developed on the street, using the same conditions that commedia dell'arte professionals had worked in centuries before. Their second show was a classic acrobatic and juggling street show, but injuries forced th to create a show with no acrobatics. The result was Waterbombs!, a ferociously hilarious wateR&Balloon gladiator show unlike any other performance played on the street. Because their shows have no words, Seth and Christina have performed together in over 15 countries. They continue to teach social circus in post-conflict zones, and have remained dedicated to projects in Afghanistan with the Mobile Mini Circus for Children. In 2010, they also piloted a program in Egypt with Plan International and Children's Cooperative. After years of traveling and working together, it was Seth who figured out they should spend the rest of their lives together. In 2007, they married while performing in China. Christina wore a dress made entirely of balloons. The New York Times profiled th in 2009, in an article and video that tells the whole story. Website:">