Duna Ghali

Duna Ghali is an author and poet born in 1963 in Basra, Iraq. She graduated from Basra University college of Agriculture in 1987, and has lived in Denmark since 1992. Ghali has published a collection of poetry in Danish ("A Garden with the Scent of Man," 2007) and a Danish-Arabic collection of prose ("Late Discoveries, Small Victories," 2004). In Arabic, she has published two novels (The Further Point, 2000, and When the Scent Awakens, 2006), a collection of short stories ("Book of War," 1998) and a collection of poetry ("A Garden with the Scent of Man," 2008). Ghali is associated with the Department of Oriental and Judaica Collections at The Royal Library, Copenhagen, as a domiciled researcher with translation projects. She also provides consultancy to the Library with regards the acquisition of contemporary Arabic Literature. From 2003 through 2005, she translated a large selection of Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales for the Royal Library, Copenhagen, published in 2006. Ghali has published many articles on literature, culture, and politics in both Arabic and Danish. She is currently translating selected Danish literary works into Arabic.