Yaron Goshen

Yaron Goshen is a medical clown, actor and creator. A graduate of the School of Visual Theatre, Jerusal, he completed the B.A. program at Haifa University in a unique program for Medical Clowns. He has been studying, appearing, and acting in storytelling theatre, street theatre, circus and audience-interactive performances. Mr. Goshen has studied and appeared with many groups, including Arma Theatre, Ein Hod; Dudi Ma'ayan's Shlomi Center for Work and Creativity; Hamishte (The Feast)-Biblical/Current events Theatre; the circus at Binyamina and at Yaqum; and more, and has since performed at numerous festivals in Israel and abroad. He has worked as a storyteller at the Alyn Pediatric and Adolescent Rehabilitation Hospital, Jerusal, with injured and paralyzed children and has facilitated clowning workshops, storytelling theatre, and acting workshops.