Heart Stück Bernie

Heart Stück Bernie (HSB) is usually found performing in something like a stairwell, while pushing play on something like a boom box. Company members, otherwise known as my friends, are a ragtag group of partners in crime. I get th to do things by promising chocolate. But their intense focus and dancing beauty far surpass any fleeting bite; I am honored to dance (and snack) among th. HSB is known for a quirky-luscious movement vocabulary that zigs and zags classical training with contemporary sensibilities. Tender to tense, the work flies through space with abandon, until it grounds itself. It explores conversational and otive duet work, and it plays at unraveling causation in tight-knit group work. When the curtain rises, opens, or gets thrown aside with gamine intention, my work looks like a been-around-the-block broad – full of accumulated propositions and proposals. She’s been dressed up and stripped down, and she knows how to ask the hard questions. HSB choreography has been presented in Berlin’s Tacheles and dida e.V. Raum für Kultur, Long Island City’s The Creek and the Cave, Brooklyn’s Bookcourt, The Rooftop of The Chelsea Hotel, the very dirty East River, all up in, around, and under The Mayflower Square Apartment Complex in Alexandria, VA, and this year’s first annual On Site/In Sight: A Downtown Winston-Sal Dance Festival. The company has recently started presenting proscenium work on several DC stages and showcases including Velocity DC, the 33rd Annual Choreographer’s Showcase, the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center, and Dance Place, as a 2015 Dance Metro DC Choreographer’s Commission Award Recipient. The Local Dance Commissioning Project marks a turning point in the company’s trajectory. With This performance, we aim to maintain the intimate feel of a hand-made arts & crafts aesthetic, while incorporating the grandeur of the Kennedy Center and our largest audience yet. You are cordially invited.