PeterP. Haase

Peter Haase was a member of the Atlanta Symphony for ten years before joining the National Symphony Orchestra in 1984. He was the bronze medal winner in the 1971 International Beethoven Competition in Hradec, Czechoslovakia, and has since performed with orchestras and in recitals in the U.S., Canada, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria and Germany. In the Washington, D.C. area, he has appeared with the American Chamber Orchestra, and at the Lyceum in Alexandria, in addition to His performances with the National Symphony Orchestra. Mr. Haase received his Master of Arts degree from the State Conservatory of Music in Katowice, Poland, and completed postgraduate coursework at the State Conservatory of Music in Moscow. He came to the U.S. in 1971 to attend Juilliard, where he received a diploma. He names Jerzy Bronny, Stanislaw Lewandowski, Paul Swiety, David Oistrakh, Joseph Fuchs, and William Steck as his most important teachers. Mr. Haase is currently on the music faculty at George Mason University.