Hoba Hoba Spirit

Hoba Hoba Spirit is one of the most exciting and popular groups to erge from Morocco in recent years. Formed in 1988 in Casablanca by friends Adil Hanine (drums), Anouar Zehouani (guitar), Saâd Bouidi Oubiz (bass guitar), Reda Allali (vocals and guitar), and Othmane Hmimar (percussion), Hoba Hoba Spirit has now become a national phenomenon. Calling their signature sound “Haiha Music,” loosely translated as “Wild Partying Music,” the group is equally inspired by indie rock, punk, and Gnawa, the Sufi music of Morocco brought to the country by slaves from Mali and other West African countries over many centuries. With their lyrics in at least three languages, and an explosive blend of western rock and traditional Arab, Berber, and African sounds, the song “Haiha Music,” the band’s s i official anth usually played at the end of each of their concerts, neatly sums up the uniqueness of Hoba Hoba Spirit: Call it African folk Call it Gnawa Blues It is just Haiha music Coming from deep of our soul Call it Chaabi Funk Call it Ayta Jazz It is just Haiya music Coming from deep of our soul Haiha music wo yoyoooo.